Quantum Consciousness: We’re All Gonna Die (but not really)

I’ve been thinking a lot about life and death lately. These are the kinds of conversations I usually have with my husband, but since he is not here, I’m just putting it out into the world.

In my daily readings I came across an article with an attached video (I’ve embedded below) that made me pause for thought. This idea is not new to me, but today, for some reason, I rolled it around my brain a little longer than I normally do.

There isn’t enough evidence in this article to PROVE “life after death” for me, but there is quite a lot of information here that leads to consciousness existing in a quantum state, not only after what we perceive as death, but also now, forming our individual realities.
This, paired with the first law of thermodynamics specifying that the total amount of energy in a closed system can’t be created or destroyed, but it can change forms, puts me at peace with the notion that none of us simply cease to exist. Our human experience may cease, but we, in some form or another, continue on.

Some days, when I think I can not possibly continue on, I choose to anyway. Some days it’s harder than others, tonight is one of them. I do not believe we have a fated destiny or some greater purpose in life. That’s a hard pill to swallow for someone like me who was taught to believe we do. When you look at life through religion, it’s easy to feel significant, you’re a miracle created by a higher being for a specific purpose. When you look at life as a scientist, well… everything is a miracle too, there’s just no end game. We get to derive our meaning, and create our own purpose, and that makes it a much richer experience than playing out pre-written scripts for the amusement of an omniscient almighty.

The thing is, I’m what some consider mid life, or close to it, and I’m starting from scratch. It scares the shit out of me. I have so much potential and not enough time left to try everything I want to. What do I want to be when I grow up is the least of my worries right now, but there is so much pressure to figure that out first. Why? I don’t want to rush this launch of Human Experience 2.0.

It’s a tough night and I miss my husband.
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When Your Child Tells You To Deal With It!

Update 0700:  The nuclear option was just initiated. 


I must say, I am impressed with my sons act of defiance of not doing his chore.  I am also impressed with his ability to write such a loving note to me about why the dishes weren’t done. 

Yesterday evening, I had reminded him about the dishes that were still left out from the other night and that he has to take care of them and the response “got it schmot it.”  I take that as an understanding of his task that needs to be done. His dad came to visit for the girls open house and within minutes he was distracted. He was playing outside with his dad and I left it alone.  

By the time he came in, we had to leave for the open house.  I noticed the dishes did not get done and thought, not a super big deal since he can do it when he gets home. When we did get home around 8:45 PM, He chose to go to sleep instead of his chore.  

I again noticed that the dishes weren’t done and I went to his room and reminded him of his chore.  

Me: hey kiddo…Kiddo, you forgot to do the dishes.  You need to get up and take care of it. 

Kiddo:  (dead stare)…..(silence)…..(dead stare)

Me:  kiddo you didn’t do the dishes.  Get up and take care of it.

Kiddo:  (shuffles around) ok….(disbelief look in his face). 

He gets up out of bed and heads to the kitchen and what I hear is the sound of dishes clanking and I think he is doing dishes. 

Fast forward to 3:30 AM.  I’m preparing to leave for work and I stroll into the kitchen to see both sides of the sink packed full of dishes and a note that says “DEAL WITH IT!”


Internal thoughts:  

Option 1: I am going storm into his room and cause a 6.0 earthquake on his bed so he is wide awake then proceed to reprimand him (with colorful language) for this defiant behavior.  NOW YOU WILL DEAL WITH IT.

Option 2:  Take all electronics out of his room including light bulbs and tell him to DEAL WITH IT.

Option 3:  Take everything out of his room except for a chair and leave that in his room and tell him to DEAL WITH IT.

Option 4: a combination of all options and continue to use his own words on him.

Option 5: take the shower knobs off and he can DEAL WITH IT.

Needless to say I chose none of those options ……yet (evil grin).  Instead I chose to goosefrabah the shit out of my emotional state and let mom do her motherly (hopefully ass woopin) duty of love and tenderness.

I will say that I am okay with my kids defending themselves and their beliefs so it becomes a struggle when they disobey me in MY house.  All I think about is action leads to a consequence which draws me back to my limitless options. 

I am interested in hearing from other parents and their struggles they have with their children.  I wanna hear what you do in those moments.