Back-To-School, Back-To-Business!


It’s the beginning of the new school term and our parent friends from all the districts are shouting a collective “Hell-Freaking-YES!” that the summer has come to a close.
We moved to a different city this summer, so I took some time away from work to adjust.

Pack up, unpack, organize, decorate, register the kids in a different school, transfer our son’s IEP, and only 2 weeks to do it all before we went on our 10 day family road trip. Yes, a road trip… with seven children. I anticipated 10 days of whining and breaking up fights in the backseat, but to my shock, all of the children got along wonderfully, and even said they wanted to do it again next summer! I think the trick was that we gave them a choice of our daily activities and where we’d stop for the night. They enjoyed getting a say in the decision making.

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The StigKids’ school district started on the 14th, and the SigKids’ school district began this week.

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We have our little family traditions of taking them out to breakfast, then taking a morning photo. We let them order whatever they want, this year, I came to regret that policy this year as all of the SigKids ordered food that contained little nutritional value.

We dropped our middle schoolers off first, noting as we took photos together, that our third oldest son and I had inadvertently dressed alike, black pants and blue chucks. IMG_1518-Edit

Kisses from “Madre”
My Handsome Boys
Madre and her boys
7th & 8th graders!

Siggy and I yelled our “I Love You’s” across the parking lot and watched our boys blush hard while the principle yelled back that we were officially her favorite parents. We drove two blocks down to drop our younger ones off. We met the teachers, took pictures, and found it rather easy to ignore Siggy’s high conflict ex’s behavior by keeping our amazing kids at the center of our attention.

Gracie, Ava, and Addy all ended up with Emoji gear.
My little Addy-Cadabby. One of my favorite cuddle bugs.
Wow, Siggy got a decent photo with my Canon. That never happens!
Family selfie
She didn’t want to let her daddy to go.

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Now that things have started to settle down around here, I started taking on more work, including two commercial shoots this week; Goddess Yoga session with our florist partnerĀ The Social Flower, and shooting the new menu items for MenYu Ramen Taphouse in Pacific Beach. I have some incredible new Etsy prints and products coming to the store very soon.

What was one of your favorite back to school memories/traditions?


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