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Going Broke Fixing My Car (A/C is out)

If there is one thing that I have learned about fixing car’s is that it can be expensive if you are not mechanically inclined.  I have learned to be self sufficient in many areas because the cost to pay someone else to fix my problems is pricey.  img_3452

The A/C in our 2004 Chevy Tahoe has been on the fritz for about a year ago and I just now had the time to fix it.  I will say that it did work only at high speed only.  Needless to say it gets cold fast and the option of on or off was not fun.

I called a mechanic to get a general sense of the cost to repair my A/C blower and right off the bat he said it’s $100.00 for a diagnostics then more money for the parts and labor.  “Holy hell that’s a lot of money” is what I thought to myself.  I hate the fact that I would have to pay that much for something that I am well equipped to do.

img_3453I ended up doing the work myself for a whopping $26.99 and 1 hour of my time.  In this day in age if you think you are unable to do something on your own, you are living life wrong and you will have to pay as a result.  Granted you are saving yourself some time when you have someone else do the work and that time cost money.

Time is money and in this case, my time saved me several hundred dollars.



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