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You Get Paid For Your Effort

Heather and I decided that our kids can earn money just like any job.  We have different Jobs around the house with varying amounts they can earn.  They all know that the weekends are when they can work hard to get paid.

  • Give the Dog a bath $5.00 (Weekly)
  • Wipe down the cabinets $5.00 (Weekly)
  • Bathroom 1 $10.00 (Weekly)
  • Bathroom 2 $10.00 (Weekly)
  • Sweep the stairs $5.00 (Monthly)
  • Scrub the floor $25.00 (Monthly)

My oldest daughter is usually the first to ask about jobs that can be done so she can save up to buy her barbie toy.  She starts off asking “Daddy…..How much can I get for washing Penny?”  “Daddy, can you tell the boys not to take all the jobs?”  I tell her that’s not how it works in the real world and if she wants to get paid, you have to work hard.  Otherwise someone else will do that job.  “But DAAAAD! I’m not going to be here Saturday.”  “Love, that is your choice not mine.  You want to have a sleepover and that means you won’t be back to do any of the jobs.”img_2684
She was a bit frustrated and that’s ok because at the end of the day she is learning to make choices.  She had a blast at her friends house and made an awesome bunny basket for Easter so I don’t the she was too upset about the whole ordeal

We’ve also looked at their education as an opportunity to earn money.  We consider it their primary job and they get paid for their effort as well.  Having seven kids makes for

Grade Paymentsa minor financial hardship so we decided to impliment this program during middle school (7th Grade for California).  The kids like the idea since it’s an opportunity to earn even more money.  The problem that we face right now is that we have two 7th graders and next year we will have three in middle school.  They have an opportunity to earn $400.00 each school year so with two thats $800.00 and next year it will be $1200.00




We also have implemented an incentive to read by giving them the opportunity to write a one page book report on a book they have read.  The criteria are pretty simple; One Page, Times New Roman, Double Spaced.  It must have the book name, the author, what it’s about and what it means to them.  We grade it and they get paid $5.00 for each report.

Education is the priority and the harder they work the more they can earn.   Not only do they get paid they are learning along the way which is a win-win.  What I find most rewarding is after nearly five years of repetition about saving, they get it.  After I dish out money for the jobs they did, book report, or the money they earn from grades, I end by asking “How much do you want to put in savings?” and they are always wanting to put at least 40% away.

What do you do to incentivize your kids to focus on education?  We would love to hear your tips


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